Friday(ish) Three

One of my favorite authors keeps a blog. Every Friday she talks about five rando things. They can be anything from what happened during the week, what’s going to happen next week or something she just wants to talk about. She calls it the Friday five.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience for five. I’m also not interesting enough for five so I’m going to stick with three.

1. Sources that live in the middle of nowhere

I’m a reporter for one of the city newspapers and I’m working on a feature about foster care in the state of Missouri. The issue gets longer and complicated the more I talk to my sources, but I guess that’s the great thing about this being my advanced reporting project. I can take a good amount of time on this story, to give it the justice it deserves.

Anyway, I’ve talked to two foster families so far and they live out kind of in the middle of nowhere. The first family lived north of town and my GPS took me down this really freaky, narrow and unpaved road. It wasn’t the family’s fault — after all, they didn’t live on that narrow unpaved road, Kate (my GPS) just took me down it. In fact, they lived in a nice neighborhood with paved roads. No, but seriously, that was the kind of road that I would not want to be stuck on at night. No lights whatsoever. And it was really narrow. I’m talking one wrong turn and you’d end up in the ditch.

The second foster family lived way south of town. It was easier to navigate my way to their house, but once again with the unpaved roads. There’s only so much abuse my tires can take. Not to mention, Suzi’s an old gal and she’s been pretty angry with me lately. I think I’m gonna have to take it easy next week.

2. My iPhone may or may not have saved my life

No, but really.

There was this crazed gunman that went on a rampage and shot his family people in the county right next to ours. They were rushed to the hospital close to the college campus in town and since the gunman was still at large, the hospital underwent a security lock down. Just the hospital.

Well somehow that information spun completely and totally out of control and people started texting one another these crazy rumors. Right in the middle of my Social Problems class, a girl raised her hand and said, “Um, I hate to interrupt class, but my friend just told me that there’s a gunman on campus. He shot four people in Virginia Avenue and the campus is on lockdown.”

Which of course incited immediate panic.

Being the skeptical journalist, I pulled out my newly acquired iPhone and started checking all the channels of information I knew of. First I checked my newspaper’s website to see if they had anything. They had a news burst at the top of the page talking about the shootings in the county next door and a little blurb about the hospital being under lockdown. Then I checked my Twitter timeline searching for any validation of the rumor. Instead I found more tweets about the hospital and none about four dead anywhere near Virginia Avenue. I checked the campus police website, I checked my e-mail and all my alerts and there was nothing to suggest any sort of danger on campus.

So while everyone else started freaking out about a possible gunman, I just put my stuff away and walked out of the classroom to go home so I could take a nap.

3. Talking about race in a room full of white people

We got into a discussion during my advanced reporting class about reporting on race. Mind you, everyone in my class is white except for me. I’m the only non-white student in the room.

I am SO SICK of talking about racism. Seriously. I will be happy if I never have to hear about it ever again.

What bugs me about conversations like that is they only serve to reinforce the idea of a minority. They only remind me that I’m a minority. And seriously, I never thought of myself as a minority until I got to college. I hardly even thought about it when I was younger, but suddenly when I got to college, every single Asian group on campus asked me to join their club and everyone started asking my opinion as a non-white student.


I swear, I was never a minority until I got to college. I was never a minority until people made me a minority.

There you have it. The Friday three.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I blog about college and Halloween.


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