Disappointment in dreams.

I just had the most amazing, the most fantastic dream ever and it isn’t fair that it was only a dream.

In the beginning of the dream, I was pissed off at my father for reasons unknown. All I know was that I was angry at him for something and he went to Vegas without telling me or something. Well he had an old friend from the Philippines who lived in Vegas and he was visiting said friend with my two friends, Clay and Sean. Said old friend from the Philippines then offered him a job. Later that night, Clay called me and told me that something crazy and insane happened — that my father had been offered a job worth $65 million. At first I didn’t believe him. I just thought Clay was drunk. Then later Sean called me to tell me the same thing. I was beginning to believe him when my dad called me himself to tell me this news, but he told me he wouldn’t take the job if I didn’t want him to and he didn’t want me to be angry with him anymore.

Well how the hell could I be angry with him after he was offered a job worth $65 million? So we made up or something and my mother, who was in Vegas with him, also told me the news and got really excited.

So after that, I called up all my friends and told them that we were going to go out celebrating because I was soon to be the daughter of a really rich guy. We went out celebrating and I told Katie and Ryan the good news. I think Victor and Jonathan were out of town or something like that, otherwise they would have been with me and I would have told them as well.

After that night, my father flew me out to Vegas so I could look at the house he was building for us. It was only halfway done, but it was HUGE, and the workers were beginning to put up the cement. After I got to see around the inside of my house and got familiarized with what was going to be my room, my dad took me to show me his work. One job included clearing out trees on the side of the road and another included teaching a room full of college students. I watched as my father taught and at the end of the class he had a little competition for the students. I think the group that was the most enthusiastic got an A or something, or the group that I liked the most got a monetary prize. I don’t quite remember. All I know was that there were a disproportionate amount KU fans, so automatically all the KU fans lost.

Then the dream shifted to our old place, where my mother was doing laundry before the big move. She was washing all of our clothes and my father couldn’t get the remote control to work because one of the batteries was missing. It was kind of a weird remote, now that I think about it; It had one place for a AA battery, but it also required a AAA battery. Well I found the AAA under the dusty bed in the master bedroom and gave it to him and low and behold, the remote worked.

That’s when I woke up. And I so wish that I hadn’t.


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