Thursday Three!

The lovely Kristin Marks suggested I should call it the Thursday Three which is so much better than the Friday Three.

1. “Just a Dream” by Nelly is currently the best song on the radio

I do not know what it is, but I am freaking OBSESSED with that song. I was never a big Nelly fan when I was younger. I mean, sure, I sang along to “Ride Wit’ Me” even though I didn’t know what the lyrics meant at the time and “Hot in Here” was the shizz when I was in sixth grade. But Nelly was always kind of like a budget 50 Cent, but instead of a bullet-induced slur, Nelly had a Missouri twang. Then he came out with that weird crossover with that one country guy Tim McGraw which was not only weird, but also obnoxious as hell.

But now that “Just a Dream” came out, I have been listening to it every chance I get. Luckily for me, it plays on KISS FM every half hour, so I get to hear it a lot. I’ve almost got all the lyrics memorized. Give me a few more car rides and I’ll have it down.

However, since the song gets so much airtime, I foresee myself getting really effing sick of it, but right now I’m in that honeymoon phase. I can’t possibly imagine getting sick of this song because I’m seriously so in love with it. If you haven’t listened to it yet, do yourselves a favor and look it up. I don’t care who you are, it’s the best pop song on the radio right now. If you don’t agree with me, you’re a butt head.

2. I really want to take up knitting

My mother is a super crafty woman. She knits, she crochets, and she makes jewelry. I’ve never had to buy a hat or a scarf in my entire life. I also never buy jewelry because my mom gets pissed whenever I do and she pulls the Filipino mother voice and says, “Why you waste money on that? I make for you! Ekaw ang tanga!” And my mother is a really wonderful craftswoman. I want her to open her own shop because seriously, she could make a ton of money off the stuff she makes.

But lately, I’ve just had this really strong urge to take up knitting. I don’t know where it started, exactly. I guess I’ve always wanted to knit, but the hunger was reawakened when I saw a statue of Thomas Jefferson on campus wearing knit leg warmers. I thought it was hilarious when I saw it and I couldn’t help but wonder how the genius got them on. You can’t really slip them over Jefferson’s feet because they’re planted on the ground, but that’s not the point. The point is seeing the knit legwarmers made me want to go knit my own legwarmers. This, however, requires that I learn how to knit in the first place.

If anyone knows how and would like to teach me, I’ll love you forever.

3. I’m going to OSU this weekend!

Victor (AKA The Victor Tran), Jordyn (AKA Klack Attack), Ian (AKA IAAAAAN!), Kristin (AKA Markles) and I are all headed to Columbus, Ohio, this weekend to help OSU’s Newman Center with their Awakening retreat. I am so excited, you have no idea. Awakening is probably the most amazing retreat in the entire world and I’ve been on quite a few retreats. I’ve said before that if I could be on different Awakening staffs for the rest of my life, I would be content. And I would. If I could make that into a career, I’d be spiritually set for the rest of my life.

We’re also going to OSU because two years ago OSU started their Awakening retreat, and since they were just starting, they wanted to see how other schools ran their retreats. So they sent some people to Mizzou to see how we ran ours, and I miss those kids like you wouldn’t believe. They were such amazing, fantastic people and I’m really excited to see them again.

However, riding out to Columbus from Columbia means we’re going to be in a car for 16 hours total. And granted, I’ve been on similarly long road trips, but I’m kind of worried for Victor because we’re taking his car and he’s the only one who knows how to drive it because it’s a stick. So yeah. He’s going to be really tired when we drive back on Sunday because Awakening is a notoriously known weekend. It’s called Awakening for a reason: You don’t sleep. If you’re lucky, you’ll get eight hours for the entire weekend. If you’re lucky.

It’s going to be an experience. If you’re at all religiously inclined, pray for us! And pray for OSU’s Awakeners!


2 Responses to Thursday Three!

  1. MrWilliams88 says:

    Carla, the fact that you have a blog and a twitter and have not told me is unacceptable… Just think, we could be following each other on both and if you figure out who I am, than I expect you to follow suit

    Also, “Just a Dream” is my jammy jam

  2. Janelle says:

    So I don’t know how to knit… yet… I want to learn…I sorta know how to crochet… and that well a precious gay man has his own youtube channel dedicated to teaching people how to crochet… so I am planning on learning how to knit the same way… as I am sure there is another precious gay man out there with a youtube channel… (or maybe even a real hip Grandma)
    I miss you a ton and a ton!!!

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