Thursday Three: The summer edition

June 23, 2011

I’m sorry it’s been so long! Just to make sure you guys know I haven’t forgotten about the Thursday Three, here’s a new post dedicated to the awesomeness of summer.

1. Summer is the best movie season. Period.

And I’m not just talking about fresh-to-movie-theaters movies. I’m also talking about movies that I’ve been wanting to watch for forever and never had the time. UNTIL NOW.

Case in point, I’ve seen more movies in theaters and at home in the past month than I have in the past year which include the new Pirates¬†movie and Green Lantern. And just last night I finally got to watch Sunshine, a sci-fi thriller that came out in 2007.

And there are so many more films that are going to come out soon that I want to see SO badly which include but are not limited to: Cars, Cowboys and Aliens and Horrible Bosses.


Most of you are entirely aware of my intense hatred of snow. I’ve written about it multiple times. But this hatred stems mostly from my inability to handle temperatures bellow 50 degrees. Here in Texas in the summer, the heat practically suffocates me and I LOVE IT. Sometimes, in parking lots with blacktops, I can see the heat actually rise off the surfaces in waves, making the air all hazy. And I absolutely love the feeling of the heat sinking into my skin after spending hours in ice-cold air conditioning. It’s the best feeling in the world.

If only I were still in marching band. The best way to experience Texas heat is drenched in sweat, carrying a ten-pound horn and staring into the hot, hazy horizon.

3. Corn is in season.

I don’t care who you are. Corn is the best vegetable, period. You can grill it, pop it, boil it dry it and mash it…it is the super crop. It can literally do anything.

Which is why corn is in nearly everything now. Even things you wouldn’t think corn would go into, like popsicles, peanut butter and car batteries.

And since it’s in season, grocery stores are selling them for 18 cents an ear! My dad and I usually like to buy eight at a time and boil them up after dinner to make a before-bed-time snack. And I recently found an interesting recipe for boiled corn that I really want to try.

There you have it. The Thursday Three: back and better than ever.


Wedding Bell Blues

June 5, 2011

It’s wedding season!

My good friend Caleb got married this weekend and I went up to Minnesota to attend and take photos for him. And the ceremony was beautiful. I never understood why people cried at weddings until this weekend. I was lucky that the priest kept the blessings concise otherwise I would have been weeping like a maiden.

It was also my first foray into wedding photography. I have a Nikon D60 with two different lenses and I usually just like taking photos for fun. Then Caleb asked me to be the photographer and I happily accepted. I wasn’t sure what I was going to give them as a wedding gift, so this was a perfect gift.

To be honest, I was pretty nervous. I’ve never been in charge of event photography like that before and really I’m more of a hobbyist than an expert. Luckily for me, Brooke and Caleb got married in an absolutely gorgeous church on an absolutely gorgeous campus. And they’re both absolutely gorgeous people, so it all worked out very well. Not to mention I took a quick look at all my parents’ wedding photos so I had an idea of what to take.

Overall, I think I did pretty well for my first wedding. With a little more practice, I might get really good at it.

Now the hardest part: photo editing. But I’m pretty confident about that.